June 7, 2022

What To Expect

Fleet decision makers need product and technology insights ahead of buying, equipping and maintaining Commercial Vehicle trucks and trailers. CV TECH will bring together industry professionals to explore how current and future technologies are impacting equipment and can help maximize productivity. This unique, highly-focused event (archived for 3 months) will discuss real-world technology solutions, examine best practices and provide a forum for fleet executives to better understand the benefits and impact of these industry trends, product offerings, and solutions.

Days of learning: June 7, 2022

Sponsorship Deadline: April 8, 2022



Commercial Electric Vehicle adoption and implementation


Applications impacting fleet productivity


Driving the ROI of fleet implementation


Deep dive among Fleets that are investing in CEV


Influence of technology on your current workforce and recruitment


Advanced safety technologies in the truck, in the office, in the shop

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Educational Sessions & Video

Keynote, Roundtable Panels, Webinars & Research Intelligence deliver educational content to fill gaps from lack of industry events. Online educational events give broader organizational reach, allowing for exposure to entire buying teams.

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Video showcase features product videos of the latest technologies, services and solutions making an impact on the industry. You’ll get leads delivered regularly as professionals watch your videos including full contact information.

Downloadable Content

Sponsorships designed for small, medium, and large companies. Opportunities for content assets to be hosted: whitepapers, case studies, product sheets, videos. Generate leads from those who view, download, watch.

Bringing together trucking industry professionals to explore how current and future technologies are impacting equipment and maximizing productivity.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage entire organizational buying teams in a single event!

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