Bring clarity to your business decisions with insight into your customers, their perspectives, and the factors that guide their decision-making.

Why IMR?

IMR’s experienced research consultants focus on where your company meets your market.  We provide leaders with actionable insights for clarity into their key business decisions, including brand positioning, purchase influencers, and competitive intelligence.

Our streamlined research process leverages our extensive data resources, allowing us to target your current and potential customers efficiently, enabling you to swiftly and reliably gain a deeper understanding of your market and identify valuable opportunities for your company.

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About IMR Market Research

IMR Inc. has been pioneering transportation market research since 1975, and now also serves the Commercial Vehicle Market. No other company can deliver the breadth and depth of experience, along with the rigorous methodologies that IMR brings to the table. We offer a wide range of strategic and tactical solutions for data-driven decision making into your most pressing questions, bringing you closer to your customers, distribution channels, and market opportunities. Learn more about IMR Inc.